Transform your dirty, worn-down bathrooms into pristine spaces once again. We are equipped to provide you the necessary services to prevent issues associated with deteriorated caulk and grout.

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G&G does cleaning, repair, and new tile installation. Floor or wall tile needs looking after and we're here to help you keep it at its best.

Avoid the problems caused by damaged caulk and grout.

Damaged caulk and grout can lead to serious, costly damage to your home. Deteriorated caulk can result in issues such as the development of black mold, water leaks, poor ventilation, and unsightly appearances. Recaulking the areas between tiles in your bathroom is a necessary step in order to prevent dangerous and expensive issues in your bathroom. For bathrooms with more serious deterioration, regrouting is the best way to rejuvenate the room in your home meant to rejuvenate you. Mold and mildew can build up within the grout itself and a complete regrouting provides a long-term solution  to the issues associated with damaged and dirty grout. Our dedicated specialists are equipped to provide your bathroom with the care necessary to reverse any previous damage as well as prevent any further damage to your caulk and grout.

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Is cleaning safe for my grout?

Great question. The answer is not always. Certain cleaning agents damage grout. Cleaning through the use of high-pressure extraction machines (the same type of machine used to clean carpets) can “blow out” or weaken grout. Why? How? Well, most grout – even sanded grout – is rated to withstand approximately 650 pounds per square inch of pressure. The extraction machines force water through a rotating cleaning head at high pressure onto your grout. A vacuum then “extracts” the water from the floor. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any extraction machines that can function with less than 800-to-900 psi…anything less and the cleaning head simply won't rotate. Bottom line, high-pressure extraction can make your grout “sick.” Unsanded grout is even more susceptible to being damaged by high-pressure cleaning. I learned this first-hand years ago (before I was in the grout business) when a well-intentioned carpet cleaner blew grout out in my upstairs bathroom.


The grout on my tile floor is dirty. Should I have it cleaned?

Maybe. The grout on most floors is usually but not always sanded grout. This type of grout feels…well, coarse and sandy. It can be cleaned with good results. However, smooth or unsanded grout generally doesn't “clean-up” as well and is more susceptible to being damaged during cleaning.


What is a regrout?

When we regrout a tub or shower area, we first remove all the old caulk. Then we scrape out the old grout. Skipping the scraping step is a lot easier, but results in a finished job that doesn't look very good and won't last very long (FYI, in the trade when new grout is applied without scraping out the old first, it is called skim-coating, and it's a sign of poor, shoddy workmanship). Next, we spray the exposed grout lines to kill existing mold and mildew. Then we regrout and recaulk the area. Last, if you choose this option, we apply a clear penetrating silicone based sealant to the new grout to provide additional protection against dirt, mold, and mildew. Regrouts truly make a shower or tub area look brand new. The typical customer response after a regrout is “WOW!!”


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